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Constance Babington Smith

Amy Johnson

1st Edition

Her seminal life, written in 1966, told most of what there is to tell about Amy in elegant prose. In May, 1930, Amy Johnson, a typist from Hull, took off from Croydon Airport with a thermos flask and a packet of sandwiches to try and beat the world solo record to Australia. She arrived, sun-blistered and with grease on her face, after weeks of flying a second-hand, open-cockpit biplane with no radio communication and the most basic of maps. Her adventures, including a forced landing in the Iraqi desert and on a football pitch near Rangoon, inspired the nation following the Great War. Her career was followed by millions, until her plane disappeared over the Thames Estuary, sparking rumours which are still being investigated today. Her body has never been found

Impression: 1st DW worn
Condition: Good
Publisher: Collins
Binding: Hardcover
Price: R 125.00

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