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David Clammer

The Zulu War

1st Edition

The battle between the British forces and the armies of the Zulu King Cetewayo in 1879 involved some of the largest armies ever arrayed on the side of the “natives” in the colonial wars of the nineteenth century. However, even though the Zulu armies vastly outnumbered the British, the end result was preordained. Nearly all of the Zulu soldiers were armed with shields and a short type of spear while the British forces had cannon and Gatling guns. Given the overwhelming technological superiority of the British, the comparative death rates in the two armies are what you would expect them to be in such battles. There were thousands of deaths in the Zulu armies to at most a few hundred in the British forces. In this book Clammer describes the early part of the war in exquisite detail.

Impression: 1st DW VG
Condition: Very good
Publisher: Purnell
Binding: Hardcover
Price: R 140.00

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