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Ian Knight

Great Zulu Battles 1838 - 1906

1st Edition

This book offers studies of the battles which shaped the the Zulu kingdom's long struggle against colonialism, from the battle against the British settlers on the banks of the Thukela River in 1838 to the massacre of the Zulu 'rebels' in the Mome Gorge in 1906. Along the way it considers the battles of Ncome/Blood River in 1838, the 'Battle of the Princes' at 'Ndondakusuka in 1856, the battles of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 - Nyezane, iSandlwana, Hlobane and Khambula - and the battles of the disatrous Zulu Civil War of the 1880s, oNdini and eTshaneni. There are maps of each action and the book is illustrated with photographs and engravings.

Impression: 1st D/W VG
Condition: Very good
Publisher: Arms and Armour Press
Binding: Hardcover
Price: R 225.00

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