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Ian Player

Men, Rivers and Canoes

1st Edition

Ian Player can justly be called the founding father of canoeing in South Africa. His expidition in 1950 reconnoitring the daunting path from Pietermaritzburg to Durban down the Umsindusi and Umgeni rivers started the Dusi Canoe Marathon. He couldn’t have dreamed, though his vision was great, how the race would expand as it has. Through his pioneering adventure, canoeing has burgeoned into the spectacular and popular sport that captures South Africa’s imagination today. MEN, RIVERS & CANOES is more than just about the Dusi and canoeing. Ian Player’s vivid story-telling takes us deep into the human spirit, into wild nature and South Africa’s rich history. Sections of this book recount the first expeditions down the untamed Umkomaas and Pongola rivers. Here is the story of wilderness trails of a different kind, into the maelstroms and calms of the river wilds of South Africa

Impression: 1st DW/G
Condition: Good
Publisher: Simondium
Binding: Hardcover
Price: R 130.00

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€ 7.23 (EUR)
$ 8.13 (USD)

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