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Peter Stiff

Nine Days of War - Namibia before, during and after

1st Edition

The 1st April 1989 marked the first day of peace in Namibia. After seemingly endless years of dispute between South Africa and the UN, after 23 years of bush warfare between SWAPO and the SADF, which had spread from Namibia into Angola and, at times, into Zambia, Namibia was finally on course for UN supervised free and fair elections in November 1989, which would lead to independence in 1990. Peter Stiff was there and this is his story, without any form of censorship or restriction.

Impression: 1st D/W VG
Condition: Very good
Publisher: Lemur Books
Binding: Hardcover
Price: R 850.00

£ 36.96 (GBP)
€ 47.23 (EUR)
$ 53.13 (USD)

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