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How to order

Step 1:
Add Books to your Order by clicking on the "Order now" or "Add to My Order" buttons, found next to any of the Books.
Step 2:
When you have added all the Books you would like to purchase to your Order, click on any of the following buttons:
  • "My Order" found in the top right corner of every screen
  • "Show My Order" found next to items already in your Order
Step 3:
Click on the "I'm done! Go to Checkout" button, underneath your Order.
Step 4:
Complete the following steps in Checkout:
  • Step 1: Your Details
  • Step 2: Shipping Details
  • Step 3: Confirm and place your Order!
Step 5:
You will receive an Order Confirmation at the e-mail address you have provided, along with the Payment Procedure.
Once you have deposited the required amount into the provided account, your Order will be shipped.
Please allow between 2-4 weeks for delivery inside South Africa, and 6-8 weeks for International Orders.